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Thru Education


Flashback to the Fifties
April 5, 2014


New This Year to B.L.U.E. : Text Bidding!
We’re going paperless! Bring your cell phone to participate in text bidding.

Not attending B.L.U.E. this year? No worries you can still join in the fun and bid on silent auction items the week before B.L.U.E.  & while the event is taking place.

Click the link here to register and begin bidding!

We will swipe your credit card at registration for Express Pay check out. There are no more forms to fill out.

You only need a phone with text capability. It doesn’t need to be a smartphone.

  • If you’re not a “texter”, don’t worry! We will have volunteers on hand with an iPad to help you bid on items.
  • Bidding will begin online on silent auction items one week prior to the event
  • Don’t forget to charge your phone!

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